Why Us

Thanks to the varied and vital local businesses and community we have been able to develop unique and enriching opportunities for our students at White Pine, and helping those in need in the community. We have put into place and developed three ways in which we contribute to and take advantage of our wonderful community here in Moscow.

Giving Basket Program.  In the late Fall, we begin with our student families and local business such as the Coop and Rosauer’s, to assemble food and clothing for specific families in need. We also find out their additional needs and attempt the meet them by outsourcing to appropriate resources. We personally bring the gift baskets to the families at Thanksgiving.  We are truly privileged to be able to coordinate such an effort thanks the support of local business and our school families.

Experiential Learning Field Trips. Here at White pine we take the motto learning by doing seriously. We teach our students about an event or idea and then have them do it!!   If we can’t bring the students on a field trip we bring the learning to the school such as our music teacher Mrs. Gillian and our Spanish teacher Mrs. Lubia.  Here are some of our student’s favorites

  • Learning about what our local firefighters do by going to the fire station and seeing first-hand how it works.
  • Learning about a dozen by going to Donuts by the Dozen.
  • Learning about music by watching musicians play at the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival.
  • Learning about reading and books by visiting the Moscow Local Library and Book people.
  • Learning about tadpoles and frogs by going to the frog pond.
  • Learning about manners by having a Mother’s Day tea party.
  • Learning about raptors by having the WSU raptors program come to the school.

Service Learning Projects.  Students learn about the start – to-finish recycling process as well as larger conservation values through a fun-packed week starting at the Moscow recycling center.  We love to go there given their kid-friendly outreach program.  At the end of the week we build on the green and environment values by doing our annual creek clean-up of Hogg Creek.  It’s exciting to see habitat return to the area.  We also partner on a regular basis with Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute on watering, planting and animal education.

Next Year. We are very excited about future developments. We are working on a farm to table program with local business and farmers as well as the Moscow Farmers market. For this we are submitting a grant application with the Start Smart Program. We also are aiming to start a garden education component of our curriculum in the coming year.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible by contributing to our nine years of educating young children, and helping us make a meaningful difference to our community.

Tammy Bonney

Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Maria Motessori was the first female physician in Italy. She established a pre-school in a working class neighborhood in Rome where she discovered the remarkable ability of young children to learn through their senses. Her observations have since been confirmed by scientific studies and her methods are now utilized in thousands of schools all over the world.

Just as a child
“learns” spontaneously to speak his native language, so too, does he “teach” himself about the structural world around him. When placed in a prepared environment full of self-correcting materials, the child can fulfill his drive to order and understand his surroundings. When presented with these materials at a pace that is suitable for his comprehension, each child can develop his abilities to the highest levels.Since the establisment of the first Casa de Bambini 100 years ago, her theory that a child can teach himself to read, write and calculate in the same natural way that he taught himself to walk and talk continues to prove true.By using materials specifically designed to stimulate the senses and achieve success, the child will need to know more. This drive to learn, to make sense of his observations, leads to the establishment of many traits such as independence, concentration, curiosity, and self-confidence.