Montessori curriculum can be divided into three sections. Each child’s progress is tracked and guided as he moves at his own pace through the progression of “works.”

Practical Life – These exercises allow the child to perform the simple tasks necessary to care for himself. His independence and confidence lead to an “I can do it myself” attitude. Increased concentration and attention to detail are the cornerstones for all future learning.

Sensorial – Materials in the sensorial section isolate one defining characteristic so that the child’s senses can concentrate on the difference that is the subject of the lesson. Each “work” is designed to stimulate multiple senses to maximize memory while subconsciously preparing the child for the introduction of future concepts.

Academic – These materials allow the child to expand his interests and to learn the more advanced concepts in language, math, history, geography, science, and music. Subsequent “works” build on the concepts from previous “works.” By the middle of the third year most children enjoy composing and writing their own stories, computing math problems through multiplication and squaring. The chlld is limited only by his own drive.

Multicultural Activities – At White Pine Montessori we will share cultures from around the world with the children in food, song, clothing and stories. White Pine Montessori School celebrates diversity!

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